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Processing Film
EDIT: Now available RIGHT HERE on deviantArt! Woot!
This is basically here to replace this older placeholder: [link]

This is my third year film at Calarts! Go. Look.

TVPaint (for animation and cell-shading), Photoshop (backgrounds), and After Effects (composite)

Background info:
This is a slightly non-canon prologue to my Jekyll and Hyde story. Or rather, it's part of the backstory, the part about How Rachel, the Loyalest and Most Lascivious of Maids Met Dr. Jekyll.

When Dr. Jekyll was somewhat younger, let's say mid-twenties, he took a tour of Europe and Africa through various steampunkish means of transportation. Why? To seek out a friend he lost a long time ago, who may very well be dead.....* He never finds that friend, but on the way he sees the world and has adventures and meets Miss Rachel, an anemic, twitchy recluse of a girl holed up in her house filled with dusty old treasures.

Character stuff (and I'm rambling now):
Henry Jekyll is, as I said, younger in this story, and is generally more open and trusting--as well as less wary and desperate--than he will be by the time Hyde comes around. Plus, being around someone who's more messed up than he is tends to switch on his "I'll fix you!" impulse. He tends to be more cheerful when he can focus on someone else's problems.**

Overall I would say this story tends to portray Jekyll in a too positive light altogether! Maybe it's because you can't hear what he's saying.

*it's totally Frankenstein.

**and, as one Awais Irfan can attest to, he will get very, very sulky if he can't quite manage to fix said problems in one go.
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November 14, 2011


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